WMCZ Lawyers Saskatoon

Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Client: WMCZ Lawyers
VCM Role: Construction Manager

VCM competitively tendered this project to perform Tenant Improvement at the Tonko River Building on scenic River Landing in Saskatoon. As Construction Manager, VCM worked with the Owner and Consultant (AODBT) to provide design of 27 offices, work stations, staff room, 5 meeting rooms, reception work and other work areas. The project budget of $940,000.00 included the costs of the DIRTT custom premanufactured construction solution employed to create the multi-function office/open area concepts. All work was completed over 4 months with a strict deadline to complete to accommodate Owner move in.

VCM worked to complete intrusive/noisy work outside of normal working hours as there was an extremely noise/vibration sensitive client next door. VCM also assisted this Client to ensure all of their Owner Supplied items such as large screen televisions (9) and sophisticated IT Items were prepared for with appropriate backing and electrical to accommodate.

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