Deschambault Lake Cultural Centre

VCM was awarded this Construction Management contract to construct a 3,315 sq ft wood framed Cultural Centre on behalf of Peter Ballantyne Child & Family Services at Deschambault Lake.  The project encountered unique site related challenges with water and drainage problems causing access issues.  VCM pre-fabricated a number of items in Saskatoon to offset the schedule slippage and gain ground once the site was accessible.  VCM was committed to the use of local labour forces.  At the end of the project, approximately 83% of the work was completed by local carpenters and labourers.  Ultimately, the project came in slightly under budget.  The Owner awarded VCM further development at the Cultural Centre site including Yurt Construction, Storage Building, Cabin, Sweat Lodge, Sleeping Quarters, and other Earthworks and Infrastructure projects to support the development.  In 2019, VCM was awarded additional work to build an additional 6-Bed Cabin, Staffing Quarters and Amphitheatre in the development.

Tags: Construction Management, First Nations

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